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Act Responsible, Think Sustainable

Saving the future of the planet one step at a time

Place-Based Transdisciplinary Research
For Global Sustainability

The Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) is trying to integrate research on the management of social–ecological systems, the services they provide, and the relationships between human wellbeing, natural capital,livelihoods, poverty, and inequality.


PECS-II is focusing on the benefits of ongoing place-based transdisciplinary research being undertaken in different parts of the planet to inform the public about global sustainability. The condition is such that solutions towards sustainability alter drastically across context. This research provides a unique opportunity to share insights gathered from within a wide range of contexts at local scales to help identify pathways towards sustainability on a larger scale and context.


The conference invites sessions and talks under four overarching themes which
are discussed below to provide a secondary level of structure.

Context-specific pathways towards sustainability

Complex systems that possess multiple drivers of change, critical thresholds and reciprocal feedback between ecological and social components, this theme focuses on the challenges of fostering transformative change within the context of social-ecological systems.

Challenges and opportunities for informing global sustainability

A lot of institutional arrangements, practices and policies have been proposed to achieve transformations towards improvement in sustainability. Success and failure seem to be context-specific since no particular practice, policy or programme is likely to solve all problems.

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